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Opera California Youth Choir Presents

The Sign 2:
Journey to Love

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Opera California Youth Choir presents the musical THE SIGN 2: JOURNEY TO LOVE, a story about a world in which love literally is lost.

Nobody on the planet can remember what love is – if it was a person, a place, or a thing. To restore order to the world, a small town sends a brave young girl named Lisa (played by Lisa Son) with a badge of honor to find love and bring it back. Her journey takes her to a city, where she befriends a local shoe shiner, Joshua (played by Joshua Nahm), who becomes a helpful guide through the foreign streets. However, in a slight turn of bad luck, they run into the Rad-a-tat Gang, which is led by the Rad Queen (played by Iris Kim). After being persuaded that love will never be found again, Lisa and Joshua find themselves in the company of some Funky Friends in Funky Town. There they are once again motivated to continue their journey to love. What will they find? Will they succeed? Will they realize that love cannot be found in the world, but, instead, in their own hearts? Come find out!

Performance Languages: English and Korean

All seating areas in the Alex Theatre other than the ADA Accessible seating area [Orchestra Row X] require a minimum of 8 stairs to access, and there is NO ELEVATOR. If you require ADA accessible seating, tell Ticket Agent at beginning of transaction; if purchasing online, select seat(s) from the ADA Accessible section. All ADA Accessible seating is Reserved Seating with specific Row and Seat Number designations on the tickets.