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Close out the Alex Theatre’s 92nd birthday month with another celebration – a night of comedy featuring 92 comedians doing their single best one-liner where you can also be part of our attempt to break the Guinness World Record for Most Comedians on a Single Show (102)! Plus, the audience will have the rare opportunity to be seated onstage along with the performers!

Tickets are $19.25 in advance (92 years…do the math!) or $25.19 at the door. Click here to purchase tickets. Glendale Arts will receive $5 for every ticket purchased using this link! 

$150 VIP Table Sponsorships are also available. Contact for more information. 

Two-item minimum purchase 

First come, first serve seating

Performers (alpha order):
Adam Cozens
Adam Gropman
Adam Hunter
Amanda Cohen
Amanda Fein
Amir Kalil
Amir Sharomi
Amy Silverberg
Andrew Duvall
Andy Haynes
Andy Peters
Andy Rider
Art Corral
Ashley Craib
Ashley Diane Currie
Avi Bagla
Bent Hanlen
Bethany Dwyer
Bill Dykes
Brian Kiley
Brian McDaniel
Brooklyn Jones
Bruce Jingles
Callahan Welsh
Chad Shapiro
Chantel Rae
Chris Franjola
Chris Grafil
Chris Sanders
Christina Walkinshaw
Cindy Shields
Courtney Black
Dan Greenberg
Danielle Soto
Daryl Kamack
Dave Waite
E.L. Smith
Elise Golgowski
Eric Deskin
Eric Esteban
Gali Kroup
Geoff Keith
Grant Lyon
Holly Anabel Brown
Howard Aronin
Ian Salmon
India Pearl
Israel Carrasco
Jake Kroeger
Jamie Kaler
Jann Karam
Jay R
Jessica Lovelace-Chandler
Joe Dungan
Joel Schoenbach
Juliana DeStefano
Kari Assad
Karina Diglyte
Katie Kusiciel
Katie Merriam
Kaycee Conlee
Kevin Paniagua
Laurie Kilmartin
Leah Kayajanian
Leah Lamarr
Leah Wyman
Liam Breunle
Lila Hart
Luis Marquez
Lynn Stein
Marian Belgray
Mia Pinchoff
Michael Gelbart
Michael Gregorian
Michael Palascak
Mike Chupa
Mikey Scott
Monique Thomas
Ms. Shirlee
Nancy Bellany
Naomi Fitter
Nat Baimel
Nick Cobb
Nick Vatterot
Nora Frost
Oscar Sagastume
Paul Laier
Pete Buchbauer
PJ walsh
Rachel Mac
Reem Edan
Rene Garcia
Ryan Conner
Ryan Hansinger
Sam Flynn
Samantha Hale
Scott J Gizicki
Sean Tweedley
Shaun Flynn
Steve Henry
Steven Haas
Stu Kosh
Sunah Bilsted
Taylor Streitz
Tema Louise Sall
Terry Opp
Ty Barnett
Victoria Bazlamit